Our Story

Delta – n. an incremental change in a variable (mathematics).

TenDelta strives to offer a value proposition that clients can easily visualize and quantify, focusing intently on a sensible and logical approach to innovation and strategy.

As a truly vendor-agnostic firm, TenDelta works to define the simplest and most elegant resolution to a problem, never over-engineering solutions.  This approach allows us to shepherd clients toward a fluency in the way they think about change management, technology implementation, and resulting impact on their business.

Since inception in 2008, TenDelta has enjoyed increased visibility as a thought-leader in key initiatives within the capital markets.  Our growing portfolio of prestigious clients and strategic partnerships is a direct result of a practical and straight-forward approach toward delivering change.

“Applying ‘change’ has always intrigued me. It was the ethos upon which TenDelta was conceived and it remains our reason for being today.”

Bhavik Katira, CEO, TenDelta