Multi-System Integration


A buy-side client required a solution to integrate with both a custodian system as well as multiple third-party data providers, framed within the Everest (Black Mountain Systems) environment.  Additionally, internal downstream connectivity to accounting environments was a critical and required feature.  The data management and workflows had to be designed to address two-way integration with multiple systems and platforms.

Business Goals

Implement a process and system solution to meet the following needs:

  1. Integrate indexing benchmark and pricing data:
    • S&P, Moody’s, Bloomberg, FactSet, Markit
  1. Two-way data exchange:
    • Custodian systems – via flat files and XML
  1. Downstream system connectivity:
    • Accounting environments – Wall Street Office (WSO), Geneva

Business Challenges

Systems Integration

  • Understanding the transformation methodology and mechanisms for data exchanged between the order management system (Everest) and other internal and external systems.
  • Normalizing data across multiple systems and platforms

Process Change Management

  • Resources required training in order to utilize and support integrations.

Value Proposition

Consulting and Project Management

  • Provide insights into the design, development, and execution of the solution.
  • Coordinate implementation efforts, communication, and procedural development for staff.
  • Ensure completeness of testing and delivery of solution.

Solution Design

  • Design approach informed by TenDelta’s decades-long firsthand experience developing solutions within OMS environments.
  • Development driven by a profound knowledge of the syndicated loan space, from a buy-side perspective.
  • Deep understanding of data transformation and process optimization, as well as system integration.


TenDelta designed, developed, and delivered a solution that exceeded client expectations, on time and within budget.  The solution provided meaningful integration of multiple systems and platforms, both internal and external, to provide the client with greater insights and more efficient processes.  The client has utilized TenDelta’s expertise for numerous subsequent projects.

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