Interoperability and System-to-System Communication using Loan FpML

A multitude of various credit and underwriting, operations, general ledger, and analytics systems exist within the syndicated loan market.  The proprietary non-standardardized nature of these systems creates obstacles to integration and interoperability.

‘Loan FpML’ is an XML-based notation that can illustrate syndicated loan assets and investor position movements, from asset inception to maturity.  This notation sets a standard for how communication between disparate systems can be achieved.  The resulting digital interfaces across systems also help minimize operational risk by maintaining data integrity.

TenDelta Labs is responsible for the conception of the standard and continues to push boundaries by leading the Loan FpML effort today.

Technologies that Facilitate Decentralization

‘Disruptive’ technologies, such as distributed ledger technology (DLT), whisper promises of greater efficiency, reduced cost, and enhanced transactional security within the capital markets through decentralization of systems.

Additionally, the potential new markets created by ‘consensus-driven data’ around analytics and other data mining applications shouldn’t be underestimated.

TenDelta Labs’ end-to-end experience in not only innovating at the edge of the technology frontier, but also integrating solutions into legacy system infrastructure makes us uniquely capable to forge paths through such a fast-paced environment.

Creating a Decipherable Financial Market

The financial markets are at an unprecedented technological crossroads.  Institutions are overwhelmed with data, required to manage increasingly complex financial instruments and feeling burdened with the constant pressure of regulatory oversight.

Leading the effort on data normalization, via FpML, provides TenDelta Labs the foundation to prescribe concepts and technology around ‘data organization’ and ‘process simplification’.

Investment institutions need to exploit technology [and services] within the capital markets whilst maintaining an efficient internal operating model.  The key, in our opinion, is to abstract away the complexities of these shifting markets. Institutions should focus on formulating internal strategies that make sense [for them], while smart information gateways allow them to simplify market offerings.

More initiatives in the works.