Historical Data Mining


A buy-side client required a solution to manage and mine historical data, framed within the Everest (Black Mountain Systems) environment.

Business Goals

Implement a process and solution to meet the following needs:

  1. Custom Data Warehousing:
    • Position and historical asset data
    • Data de-normalization based on business need
  1. Data Point Pre-Aggregation:
    • Optimize the environment for efficient mining of data
  1. Data Integration:
    • Trade cycle data utilized for potential credit analysis – relative pricing, sector analysis
  1. Attribution Analytics:
    • Client-specific custom attribution analytics
    • Comparison against multiple benchmarks and output of standardized metrics

Business Challenges

Business Processes and Data Use

  • Understanding the business processes that utilized the data so as to structure the data warehouse for optimized data mining application
  • Normalizing and de-normalizing data to most effectively drive business

Process Change Management

  • Resource training in order to utilize, support, and maintain the data warehouse and stored procedures.
  • Integration of the data warehouse and data mining processes into existing flows and functions.

Value Proposition

Consulting and Project Management

  • Provide insights into the design, development, and execution of the solution.
  • Coordinate implementation efforts, communication, and procedural development for staff.
  • Ensure completeness of testing and delivery of solution.

Solution Design

  • Design approach informed by TenDelta’s decade-long firsthand experience developing solutions within the Everest environment.
  • Development driven by a profound knowledge of the syndicated loan space, from a buy-side perspective.
  • Deep understanding of data normalization/de-normalization and process optimization.


TenDelta designed, developed, and delivered a solution that exceeded client expectations, on time and within budget.  The solution provided meaningful business insights, and the client has utilized TenDelta’s expertise for numerous subsequent projects.


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