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Deal Pipeline and Trade Management

A streamlined management solution was needed for early-stage syndicate deal pipeline activity, secondary market trading and settlement, and deal or facility restructuring events.

Asset Modeling and Portfolio Management

In order to manage active asset portfolios, as well as perform cross-asset modeling to better understand broader risk exposures, a sophisticated solution framed within a known asset management platform environment was needed.

Distributed Ledger Technology Consultation

The client desired to understand tactical and strategic internal goals for integration of distributed ledger into an existing technology stack, as well as understand immediate and future impact to business processes.

ACBS Fedwire Interface Enhancement

To enhance efficiency around the cash movement process for transactions serviced within the client’s system of record, a vendor enhancement was implemented.  The enhancement created the need to examine and modify processes and procedures.

Aggregated Invoicing for Agented & Non-Agented Deals

Limitations with the client’s system of record necessitated a solution that could meet the immediate need of aggregating servicing events into a single commercial invoice, while remaining flexible to future extensibility.